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ANTON'S REFUGE - Home Sweet Home (Week 3 part 2)

Angle 2 - Rendering

This week was probably the best part for me as I was finally able to start developing my ideas and making them come to life using Blender.

The refuge will consist of:

  • Open plan kitchen

  • Toilet/Shower

  • Lounge/TV/Gaming area

  • Study/Sleeping area

The biggest difficulty was trying to have all my basic necessities without feeling cramped.

The way I tried to do this was by reducing the number of walls, and turning cupboards and shelves into 'separators' and making the areas as open plan as possible. By having the kitchen stools and the loungers levitating it means the room looks less cramped because it does not have bases blocking the view.

The study/sleeping area is made up of a desk attached to a cupboard, the desk can be lifted and the top of the cupboard can be lowered to become a bed. The stool levitates.

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