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ARC140 Structure - Exploration of how 'things' work - WEEK 1

"Now you see me. Now you don't!"

As I had been looking at some 'disappearing' seating for the Arc130 project I wondered if I could use the same concept for the classroom. I then remembered the retractable tunnels they use in football stadiums in Italy to protect the players from objects being thrown and I thought I could apply a similar concept.

Retractable Players Tunnels ©

I then combined this concept with a children's game of stacking blocks.... but I imagined it working the other way around with the boxes sliding back into place.

" /brù·co/ "

After having drawn a few sketches I started developing the idea using Blender. /brù·co/ was born.

/brù·co/ (bruco means caterpillar in italian - I liked the idea of the phonetic spelling) is a simple but practical design. It is easy to assemble (very similar to an IKEA BILLY bookshelf). Wheels would be incorporated into the bottom of the side wooden panels to allow them to slide easily and effortlessly.

The recycled wooden panels would have a cork like consistency on the inside to allow children and teachers to display their work whilst they are using it. Both the outside and the inside will be tinted white.

"Outdoor/Indoor Experience"

Keeping the room open on both sides offers the students a lot of natural light, whilst being protected by direct sun rays, or the elements. It also makes the room feel more open and a part of nature, as well as giving the idea of accessibility from every angle. The outdoor/indoor experience is guaranteed. There are no barriers - you can sit on the edge of the classroom and be in nature. There is a sense of openness, and freedom. This will enable the students to have a positive attitude towards learning.

The size of the space is changed through movement of the panels (see video below).

Unfortunately, this was not good enough and as a team we chose to go with another design which you will learn more about in my next post.

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