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ARC140 "CONCESSIONS........"

ARC140 Structure - Exploration of how 'things' work - WEEK 3

This week we discussed what materials we would need to order to construct a larger scale version of our physical model.

We had to make some concessions with regards to the materials used for the prototype compared to the final construction. These are as follows:

SCALE - It will be at a scale of 1:5 compared to the final design

JOINTS - Glue will be used on all joints accompanied by a screw in major joints such as the foot joint.

ROOF TILES - Roof tiles will be glued down instead of having the final construction joint which is dependent on what the clients' choice

FLOOR PANELS - Floor panels will be glued rather than using the final construction fixtures to avoid wood slitting and to maintain a smooth structure.

STRUCTURAL PANELS - Only 4 structural beams (not including the floor connection) will be assembled to give a good idea of how the space will look on the inside.

We decided to order the materials before the end of the week, so that they would arrive during the Easter holidays and in time for our Week 4 & 5.
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