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Updated: May 6, 2022

ARC140 Structure - Exploration of how 'things' work - WEEK 1

The Sky Academy and Eden Project Nursery ©

In the first week of the course we were given a brief to design and build a fully sustainable, mobile teaching space for Sky Primary and Eden Project.

Proposals would have to be developed in groups to present to the client at the end of the second week.

The client would select one proposal and our year group would construct a full-scale prototype in preparation for presenting to the client at the end of the second week. Following the review, one proposal would be selected that we – as a year group – would construct at full-scale prototype which would be exhibited at the Degree Show in May and Royal Cornwall Show in June.

Things to consider:


Use - who and how will it be used

Structure of Building in its settings

Relationship to inhabitation

How will it be moved

Kit of parts or Modular


Suitability for small children

Message it conveys.

Limitations: Costs: £300 - £500
Materials: recycled/fully-sustainable materials to be used wherever possible
Location: The location on the school site will be hard standing (either decking, tarmac or concrete).
Flooring: Some kind of flooring that will dry out easily in the wet months needs some consideration (rubber matting is a good option).

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