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FIAT LUX - Let there be light (Week 1 part 2)

This week we were told that we would be looking at a refuge where we would have to imagine living for 48 hours. The space was rectangular, but we were not given any measurements. The location was at 30 High St, Falmouth TR11 2AD, United Kingdom, which was an ope between two buildings.

The first task we were given was to investigate what the effect of natural light would be on the inside this room at different times of the day. We could decide what shapes to give the spaces which the light would come through.

To do this we had to construct a box out of card, and then add a roof to it which had had some shapes cut into it using a scalpel. In order to avoid having to sit waiting for the earth to go around the sun, I used a desk lamp to create the effect of natural light and moved it to create the effect of different times of day (winter). I photographed the effect as if it was 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6 pm. I then replaced the roof with another roof which had a different design and repeated the process again. I repeated this again for a total of 9 designs.

I chose to go ahead with the pattern below.

Patterns have an important role in internal lighting. They show the directions to a space. Whether it is dark or light, it shows what type of space it is. The dark is a space to relax. It is a space to clear a person’s mind, without visual stimulation and without having to think about anything else. Meanwhile, a light space provides energy to a body through heat and light and this in turn allows us to be stimulated visually and mentally which allows us to come up with ideas.

Its geometric shapes provided decoration which you would normally get through pictures on a wall or artificial lighting, but it does so without clutter and because it changes with the movement of the earth it is never the same. It allows me to decorate whilst also keeping a minimalist feeling to the room.

Below is a rendered version of the front view.

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