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Reflections (Week 4)

We have been asked to write down two things we have learned from this project.

The first thing I have learned from the project is the importance of measurement in architecture, and how underestimating it can cause problems and delays. Although I initially found it extremely frustrating as I just wanted to go ahead and design my ideas, I realised later whilst designing the refuge that without the correct measurements I could never have designed the interior of the refuge. Measuring the interior was probably the hardest part, but it allowed me to plan for essential features such as the toilet/bathroom and kitchen areas then design furniture which would fit perfectly around these.

The books we were asked to read allowed me to discover a way of looking at architecture that I had never thought of before. I also realised how complicated this is and many times I did not have a clue what they were talking about. I had been in the same situation before with my english literature and theory of knowledge so I knew the only way was to break it down and simplify it. I therefore asked as many questions as I could to a friend studying philosophy which helped me. Even though I am still not sure I have understood it completely.

I really enjoyed the course, and I feel I learned a lot. I would have probably found it easier to manage if there had been more opportunity to go through the books assigned as a group.

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