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Cornwall: Land of Myths, Legends and Neolithic Sites

Having reached an architecture student's equivalent of writers block trying to come up with a device which could enhance sound I decided to go back to researching and developing a mood board.

I started to look at some of the myths and legends of which are part of Cornwall's history. From legendary/historical figures which they share with Wales such as Merlin, Kind Arthur and Excalibur, and Camelot, to figures from children's fables such as the Cornish Pixies (piskie) in particular the Queen of Pixies Joan the Wad who often appears on cornish door knockers and jewellery as a good luck charm.

"When you are sitting in the garden and you hear a little voice, remember to say "hello" because it might be a pixie trying to be your friend. Some pixies are sweet and helpful, but some are lazy, and the naughty ones love to play tricks. In this book you will meet all sorts of pixies, so you will know what to do if you ever see one." Enid Blyton (A Book of Pixie Stories)

Whilst these influences will probably make their way into the final project in one way or another (I would like to include some reference to the piskies for children in particular), they were not useful to the development of the device. However they did indirectly lead me towards the cornish stone circles and the plen-an-gwary (circular outdoor space used for plays including The Ordinalia (a trilogy of six hundred year old Cornish ‘Mystery Plays'), sports (especially such as Cornish westling (Cornish: Omdowl Kernewek) and public events).

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