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ARC140 Structure - Exploration of how 'things' work

Updated: May 6, 2022



West Carclaze Garden Village ©

"West Carclaze Garden Village is a new development which aims to "be one of the first new Garden Villages in a generation, enhanced with 21st Century technologies, thinking and ideas, and developed in sympathy and harmony with existing communities and local culture."

The ARC140 Structure Project is a four-week project, where a sustainable outdoor learning space will be designed and built for Sky Primary, a new primary school opening in September 2022, in West Carclaze Garden Village, Cornwall Learn more here.

Masterplan West Carclaze Garden Village - Cornwall ©

An Outdoor Learning Space for the Future

The school will be one of the first net zero carbon schools in the UK and is being developed in partnership with the Eden Project. The vision is for for the school to have

  • an international and sustainable education ethos

  • a supporting role in the cohesion of a large new community using the underpinning vision of the Garden Village

  • a clear focus on preparing pupils to be global citizens of the future.

The school will have a curriculum based on the national curriculum, enriched with learning about sustainability and global citizenship. The school will have outdoor classrooms to: • maximise learning through doing;

  • build independence and promote self-esteem;

  • creativity and a positive attitude towards learning.

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