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Interview with a Passivhaus home owner.

Passivhaus in Camber Sands, Sussex ( © Jim Holden 07590 683036)

Built in 2015 this 200m2 beach-front family summer home with 10 rooms spread over 2 floors in Camber House is Passivhaus certified. I was interested to know why the owner had chosen to purchase it and how its certification had influenced her decision to purchase.

Did you know about Passivhaus before buying your house?


Did you look at other homes in the area that were not Passivhaus? Why?

No, we only looked at the one house, it was the only one on the market.

What attracted you to the Passivhaus home?

We were interested in a house in that particular area rather than the eco-nature of the


Was it more expensive than non-Passivhaus homes?

Unsure, as it was a new build so it was not comparable

What do you like the most about your Passivhaus home?

I love how efficient it is, how it retains heat. Aesthetically I love all the glass.

If there is anything you could change what would it be? What do you think could be


Sometimes it can be too warm!

What are the limitations with a Passivhaus in your opinion?

Not sure, I like it as is

What the benefits of a Passivhaus in your opinion?

It is very efficient to heat and thereby cost effective to run.

Do you think the Passivhaus works best in summer or winter?


Do you have any heating or cooling systems in addition to the Passivhaus? If yes, what are


Air Source Heat Pump for heating and hot water - or as I like to call it a back to front refrigerator

Do you see significant savings with your Passivhaus home compared to your non-Passivhaus home?


Would you recommend Passivhaus homes to other buyers?

Yes, definitely!

Passivhaus in Camber Sands, Sussex ( © Jim Holden 07590 683036)

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